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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> scuffles over deals. guns pulled over parking spots. in the midst of the mayhem, which items are flying off the shelves? real-life drama. new details and new pictures this morning about the brutal holiday brawl at halle berry's house that landed her fiance and her ex in the hospital. what will it mean for the star's ugly custody case? the quiet jackpot. in the middle of the holiday rush, the powerball jackpot has stealthily grown to 325 million bucks. the fourth-largest ever. and the drawing is tonight. camel chaos. take a look at this huge camel, charging down a busy street after escaping from the circus, shocking everyone in his path. we'll tell you how he was finally captured. ♪ how bizarre how bizarre ♪ good morning, everybody.
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how are we doing? take a look at the video of the camel running down the street. i think this scared the crap out of people. he ran into a gas station. the way they got the camel to return to the circus, kind of hilarious. kind of obvious, too. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> who knew a camel was so fast, too? running down that street. happy saturday on that long holiday weekend. and with all that eating going on, there's a timely, new survey that has americans have added pounds to what we consider our ideal weight. what does this mean for our obesity epidemic? and how can you navigate the holidays without overdoing it? big questions there. jennifer ashton is here with practical tips. and reportrayed, arguably, the best villain in tv history. larry hagman died at the age of 81. he was also in "i dream of jeanie." he died in the city of texas who made him famous. the iconic character that viewers loved to hate, had the
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nation in a frenzy asking, who shot j.r. >> everyone in the country was watching that show. first, abc's alex perez is in for ron claiborne, as a look at the headlines this morning. great to have you on set. >> good morning. we begin with what's being called a miracle in massachusetts. a gas explosion leveling a building in a busy downtown springfield. somehow, no one was killed. those at the scene say it looked like a missile strike. a major natural gas explosion leveled an entire building in one of new england's largest cities friday night. the blast in springfield, massachusetts, also left several other businesses damaged beyond repair. all windows in a three-block radius, completely shattered. >> it was like, boom. >> my back bedroom and kitchen window were completely blown out. it blew me across the room. i got up on the floor and we ran out of the house. >> reporter: at least 18 people were taken to local hospitals. most of them firefighters,
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police officers, and gas company workers, who were already on the scene, investigating the leak. incredibly, all of them are expected to be okay. >> this is a miracle on worthington street that there was no one killed. >> reporter: hundreds of tenants in the area have been evacuated. many of them, forced to stay in shelters, until officials give the all-clear. and inspectors will assess the damage to other buildings today. and they're expected to do some controlled demolition. new jersey governor chris christie says the damage from superstorm sandy will cost his state at least $29 billion. the figure includes damage to personal property, businesses, and infrastructure and could climb in the weeks ahead. new york city is ending gas rationing that started after sandy. most gas stations in the city are now up and running. iran is accusing the u.s. navy of carrying out illegal and provocative acts in the persian gulf. in letters to the united nations, iran said the navy repeatedly violated its air space. the iranian ambassador claims u.s. jets and drones have flown
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over the country, disregarding radio warnings. the young pakistani girl who survived an assassination attempt by the taliban may not be going back to pakistan. 15-year-old malala yousufzai, who was shot in the head for speaking out for girls' education, could make britain her permanent home. her father is considering a job at the pakistani consulate. and finally this morning, the white house is getting in the christmas spirit. first lady michelle obama and daughters, malia and sasha, received the christmas tree on friday, which arrived on a horse-drawn charge. it's from a farm in north carolina and will be displayed in the blue room. they have a head start on me. i'm notorious for putting up a tree on december 23rd. >> ours is december 26th. >> it stays up until like march. >> nice to see bo in that shot, too. did you see bo, the dog? >> just like the girls, he's huge. >> he's grown. >> alex, thank you. the smoke is now clearing
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from the black friday fireworks which started earlier than ever, on thanksgiving night. millions of americans hit the malls in a mad dash to get their hands on hot holiday deals at rock-bottom prices. and abc's john schriffen found himself in the middle of the mayhem and joins us from kmart in new york city. i saw you tweeted, what a difference a day makes. >> reporter: it is so different here. i feel like i can come out of hiding right now because things have certainly calmed down. at least here at this kmart. now, the past two days, everything you can imagine has been flying off the shelves, with early indications that this could be one of the most profitable black fridays for retailers ever. that's, in large part, due to the door-buster deals that had people acting like -- well, i'll let you be the judge. >> here we go. >> reporter: at midnight friday, when the gates went up, the crowds poured into this victoria's secret, all for this. a shiny gift bag, filled with
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perfume and lotions. when these prepaid cell phones were unleashed in georgia, the crowd pounced. one woman appears to have someone's hand in her mouth. walmart says no one got hurt. a scramble for dvds at another walmart in san diego. to this rush on a forever 21. >> please, slow down. people are going to get hurt. >> reporter: in massachusetts, a toddler loaded into an ambulance, after police say he was left in a parked car at 1:30 in the morning, while his caregiver went shopping in kmart for a 50-inch tv. in san antonio, officials say a man tried to punch his way into this sears, prompting another man to pull a gun. police departments handed out shopping safety tips in malls. >> in l.a., we've had a stronger presence. so, people can be out there and enjoy the day. >> reporter: many shoppers got just what they came for and had fun doing it. >> it's been crazy. the deals are great. the lines are long.
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but it's definitely worth being out here. >> it's fun to me to come out with everybody and just grab things that you can't really afford. i have fun doing it. >> reporter: it looks like consumers are willing to spend more this year. 17% of shoppers spent more than $700. up from just 10% of shoppers last year. and nearly 67% of shoppers went out early for those thanksgiving night deals, instead of waiting until black friday. the national retail federation is predicting a booming holiday. $586 billion in sales, up 4% from last year. now, retailers haven't released their official black friday profits just yet. but the good news for shoppers, if you haven't been out to the stores, many of the deals will last the entire weekend. check out the deals we found at this kmart. these items are more than half price now. this microwave, 59 bucks. and this bike, $80. back to you. >> i think you deserve hazard
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pay for three days in the mall. with the holiday shopping stampede in full effect, what is actually selling? abc's reena ninan is in washington, d.c., with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. with sales starting so early, retailers say they got an early heads-up on the shopping this christmas season. it was pretty hard to ignore the deals. and the new gadgets. like your own drone. apple, playing hard to get, wouldn't announce their deals until friday morning. flashing ipads, ipods and accessory prices to compete with stores, like target. offering as much as $60 gift cards with a purchase of certain ipads. and some deals were announced via twitter. what were the big sellers in this year's black friday sales. >> pretty similar to last year. electronics, video games, tvs, toys. >> reporter: said
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the most popular deal was a vizio 60-inch hd-tv, for $688 at walmart. target staffers tell us board games, furby. yes, furby is back. along with traditional favorites, barbie. also hard to keep stock, some believe this year's hot ticket item, wii u, watch tv and play games all at the same time. >> they check out the deals and find out something else is wonderful that they need to have. or makes a great gift for someone else. >> reporter: like brookstone's a.r. drone. gathering himmages from above isn't just for the cia or the pentagon. this quadracopter is filled with cameras that can film above and below. no major price slashing here. but brookstone says that didn't matter. they're flying off the shelves. cyber monday may be a thing of the past because the deals started so early. walmart says they'll match prices bought from things from november 1st to christmas day.
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i bought a $10 slow-cooker. i don't know what you cook in a slow-cooker. >> but it looked appealing to you. >> that's right. >> great to see you. we're going to turn, now, to the passing of a tv icon. larry hagman died yesterday, suffering from complications from his battle with cancer. the star of "dallas" and "i dream of jeanie" will be remembered for his character, j.r. ewing. he was as charismatic as he was evil. he was one of the most colorful and villainous characters on television. j.r. ewing. >> you'll find other ways to skin a cat. >> reporter: when larry hagman took the role on, it was only supposed to last a few weeks. but "dallas" became a hit and part of television history. in his last sitdown interview with wfaa, hagman revealed -- >> i thought we would get six shows out of this and walk away and go on vacation.
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>> reporter: no vacation, as hagman's character, the mischievous oil tycoon and his antics made "dallas" one of the biggest hits in the '80s. and recently, hagman and his co-stars were reunited as the show was retooled for modern times. >> i hate to hit a man below the belt. but you know i will. >> reporter: he also made the cowboy hat cool to wear. hagman died last night due to complications from throat cancer. the family released a statement saying, larry's family and close friends had joined him in dallas for the thanksgiving holiday. when he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. it was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for. in 1995, hagman battled cirrhosis of the liver and was later given a transplant. he revealed his illness was the result of heavy drinking that started when he was a teen. >> i liked to be drug kicking and screaming into another 13 years. >> reporter: the texas native served in the air force before he came into our living rooms.
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starring in five, hit television series throughout his 50-year career. but no doubt, before making his name as j.r., he hit the jackpot in 1965, when he played another iconic role. major nelson, barbara eden's television master in "i dream of jeanie." >> i must have gone further into orbit than i thought. >> reporter: hagman will not soon be forgotten. texas legend, indeed. and his co-star, linda gray, who played his wife, she issued a statement saying, larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. he was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. they remained friends after the show. >> a real giant. let's check the forecast, now. get it over to ginger zee. good morning. >> good morning. not so dallas-like forecast. this one comes at you from northern michigan. and this is where we start. ishpeming, michigan, in the u.p. there. a whiteout yesterday. this was a common scene along the shores of lake superior. see how choppy it looks. very, very messy there.
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they picked up 8 to 12 inches. cornucopia, wisconsin, had a foot of snow. and duluth, minnesota, about 5.4 inches. this is about normal for them. they're catching up. where does it go now? lake-effect snow is coming into erie to buffalo. a little more higher in the mountains or the hills there. and you see here, that white from syracuse to watertown, that's also in the three-inch to six-inch range. lake-effect snow in the eastern great lakes, and plenty of cold to go with it. you get really strong winds. and 3 in st. cloud. minneapolis is 12 right now. 26 in chicago. it feels like 14 in chicago. so, windchill is going to be a factor, especially before winds relax in some of the great lakes areas and the northern plains, of course. and we're not going to leave out the south because you don't get away with any reprieve from the cold. look at pensacola. this is tomorrow morning, 36. savannah, 35. 34, jacksonville. the freeze warnings staying in
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place. and one last look at another storm that hit the pacific northwest. seattle had over an inch. and no moves to snow in higher elevations. >> some get on facebook and twitter just strike me. this was one. you can see a plane coming into jfk and that brilliant sun. a really nice way to look at it. there's a little fog and low-lying cloud cover, too. thank you to peter for that. back to dan and bianna. >> appreciate it.
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for many of us, the holidays are not only an excuse to shop, but also to eat a lot. i'm still full from my second thanksgiving dinner, which i had last night. there's a new study that says we're not just adding pounds. we're also changing the way we think about our weight. >> our concept of the ideal weight has ballooned since 1990, rising by more than ten pounds for both men and women. and still, only one in six americans say they're at their ideal weight. here to make sense of all of this is abc news senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. >> good morning, you guys. >> not only are americans gaining weight. but their concept of the ideal weight is going up, as well. how alarming is that to you, as a doctor. >> good and bad to this, like any story. first of all, this is a gallup poll. so, a telephone survey. we have greater acceptance. maybe a lower stigma associated with being overweight or fat because there are more people who are overweight in this country. on the bad side, it is no secret, we know there are clear medical risks that accompany
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being overweight that range from an increase in certain types of cancers to an increase in the risk of diabetes and heart disease. and more people will be facing these risks. >> what do we do during the holidays. we're trying to be conscious of our weight and trying to be healthy. but there's plates of cookies everywhere. what's your tips for navigating the land minds. >> i think you're going to like this. don't worry about the holiday parties. worry what you do the other days of the year. we have to be realistic here. it would be ideal if no one had a problem with their body weight. but the reality is very different. most of us. so, when you're talking about that one holiday or one or two holiday parties, basic tips. use your common sense. but enjoy yourself. you want to watch your portions. you want to watch the calories you consume in quiliquid form. and take a long walk before and after to burn some calories. >> i was worried. i thought you were going to advise me to put out a plate of
4:17 am
carrots at thanksgiving. >> enjoy it. worry about the rest of the year. >> and for children this time of year. we know that the childhood obesity rate continues to increase, as well. what are tips for families, not only for the adults, but for kids in the home. >> when you're talking about children, we have children, it's important to start educating them from a very early age. the health is about what's on the inside. you can be slightly overweight and be very healthy. and make no mistake about it, you can be thin and be very unhealthy. you want to start teaching children from a very young age that it really is about inner health, not that number. >> good tips. >> thank you. i'm going to go for a quick walk. now, to that giant but somewhat neglected powerball jackpot. in the midst of black friday and thanksgiving, the jackpot has grown to 325 million bucks. the drawing is tonight. clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: forget the electronics, the clothes, the toys. the really big prize this
4:18 am
weekend, powerball, with a jackpot worth 325 million bucks. but for the first time, a huge powerball drawing is hitting on a major holiday weekend. putting a dent in ticket sales. why do you think sales are not as good? >> i would think with black friday and with businesses being closed right now. >> reporter: here in colorado, 1 of 42 powerball states, a big drawing in august cold $3.5 million in tickets. this time around, sales are down to only $1.9 million. officials blame the holiday. you got a good deal on the tv? aaron o'hare and brooklyn garcia don't normally play powerball. but after scoring a good parking spot and a deal on a 50-inch flat-screen. >> we are feeling kind of lucky. think we're going to have to try to win the big ticket. >> reporter: to entice more players, the ohio lottery offered a black friday special. buy a state raffle ticket, get one powerball ticket free.
4:19 am
any idea what you would do with $325 million? >> i would donate some. buy a nice house. buy a cool car. take my girlfriend out. quite a few times. yeah. >> reporter: if nobody wins tonight, lottery officials say the next drawing on wednesday could top a whopping $425 million. odds of winning, 1 in 175 million. good luck. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> i like those odds. we got three tickets, the producers bought us. if i don't show up for work tomorrow morning, don't be suspicious. >> you're splitting that with me. >> absolutely. it was a bizarre sight. i think we can agree to that. >> hilarious. >> imagine walking down a busy street and seeing a camel running straight at you. >> the camel was on the lam from the circus. and abc's john muller is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. roadways around los angeles are famous and infamous for a lot of
4:20 am
reasons. yesterday, a new one for that list. a camel on the run. his name is abdullah. he's not a movie star. but he's a performer. and he turned plenty of heads. who knew camels were so fast? who knew you could find out right on this los angeles county street. that's abdullah, the camel. those are his handlers, sprinting to catch him, getting left in the dust. >> there was like ten people running after this camel. it was craziness on the streets. i heard kids yelling and screaming. >> reporter: ahmed ahmad had a sense of humor. but it wasn't so funny when the camel headed straight for traffic. >> workers were rushing after the camel. and one of the workers was trying to stop traffic. >> reporter: in the end, it wasn't speedy legs that corralled the camel it was a carrot that lured him in. abdullah headed to a gas station. camels can cross the desert on one tank of gas. or is that water?
4:21 am
>> people were surprised. not every day, do people see a camel in a gas station. >> reporter: douglas ramos, the co-owner of the circus, says it all started inside the tent, where the camels were doing their exercise. >> someone dropped a wrench. and somebody got scared. >> reporter: that was abdullah, who saw a hint of daily and took off faster than a black friday bargain-hunter. >> he just wanted to go shopping or something. i don't know. >> reporter: all is well that ends well. no one was hurt. no people, not the camel, no traffic accidents. the circus went on last night with abdullah playing his part. but it was that dash for daylight that will be remembered as his most memorable role, for sure. >> i wonder if people in l.a. thought they were filming a movie or something. >> oh, camel. >> typical saturday morning. >> the best part of that story, when you thought it couldn't get more absurd, you start interviewing a guy with a clown face. coming up here on the broadcast, the american college
4:22 am
professor convicted for drug possession in argentina. he says he was set up. and that this model was at the heart of the sting. and new pictures of the blooding thanksgiving brawl, between halle berry's fiance and her ex. what impact will the fight have on their bitter custody battle? this is awesome. putting the bounce in the holiday spirit. the viral video featuring nba superstars, playing a christmas carol. how did they do this? and why? the story coming up after this quick break here on "gma." [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways
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i'm not saying a word to you. there is a child here. >> that's new video of halle berry, going off at the paparazzi, shortly after the thanksgiving brawl between her fiance and ex-boyfriend. she has always had a contentious
4:30 am
relationship with tabloid photographers. and this was no different. the oscar winner was trying to protect her 4-year-old daughter. so, how will the fight affect her ongoing custody battle? good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. good morning, again. it's saturday, november 24th. check out this video. it's of nba stars dribbling a christmas tune. it has gone wildly viral. how did they figure out how to do this? we're going to take you behind the scenes, coming up. >> that's really cool. adele has produced hit after hit, earning grammys and topping shorts. but she's a big hit in an unusual character. one you probably won't expect. >> we'll tell you about that in a first minutes. first, the mystery involving the esteemed american college professor, that south american gangsters, the drug deal and the beautiful bikini model. and mark greenblatt is here with morning. >> reporter: he's an acclaimed oxford-educated scientist, who said he just wanted to find
4:31 am
love. but he apparently left his brains at home when he boarded a plane for bolivia, saying he was planning to rendezvous with a famous bikini mod. you're looking at the model whose allure would land this north carolina professor in a south american jail. convicted on drug smuggling charges. denise milano is the winner of the 2007 miss bikini world competition. she is someone that prosecutors say scam artists used images to snare paul frampton in a honey trap, where the professor was duped into believing he would meet the model and boarded a plane to bolivia. milano never showed up. frampton was met by a man, who gave him a suitcase, and told to take it to milano in argentina. when there, police found four pounds of cocaine. >> he was well-known.
4:32 am
distinguished. filled with physics and scientific areas. when it comes to common sense, he scored a zero. >> reporter: an argentinean court sentenced him to serve four years and eight months, after prosecutors reveal text messages they say frampton sent intended for the model. saying, i'm worried about the sniffer dogs. the university has since cut off his salary, a move that prompted more than 60 of frampton's colleagues at carolina to sign this letter of protest. saying, as more information about his case becomes available, it becomes more and more obvious that paul was the innocent, although very gullible, victim of a scam. from prison, frampton said it does seem unfair that an innocent scam victim is treated as a professional drug smuggler. but the court in argentina ruled otherwise. >> ignorance of the law, as we all know, is no excuse. >> reporter: frampton's lawyer in argentina had no comment on the conviction, saying she wanted to see the official
4:33 am
ruling first. but apparently frampton has done this before. "the telegraph" of london, said he met a chinese woman online. and flew there to marry her. but in china, she looked at him and said no more nuptials. time for a look at the other headlines this morning. we go back to alex pressure, in for ron this morning. >> good morning to you. in the news this morning, the holiday shopping season got to a strong start. with many stores reporting better-than-expected black friday sales. walmart said it sold 5,000 items per second, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight on thanksgiving. tv legend larry hagman has died. he was, at one time, considered the most famous actor in the world for his role as j.r. ewing on "dallas." hagman died of complications from his battle with cancer. he was 81. elizabeth smart is getting ready to tell the story of her abduction a decade ago. smart is working on a memoir
4:34 am
about being held captive, her rescue nine months later and her advocacy work. look at this picture going viral around the world. a chinese farmer refused a payment to move out of his house. so, the government built a road around the house, instead. the road isn't hoped yet. but i get a feeling when it does, that may change his mind. let's get the weather forecast with ginger zee. what's up? >> good morning, alex. it's one of my favorite times of the year. that's lake-effect snow season. it's in full force this morning. let's focus on a couple of the bands that have been persisting or just starting. parts of the eastern great lakes, from buffalo, rochester, syracuse, included. and back to cleveland. up near, northern michigan, the u.p. it's been running out. but look at the one. it's been there for 24 years. 8 to 12 inches in the northern parts. 3 to 6 in the others. a cold blast of air in place. and look at the next couple of days here. this is what you can expect. chicago gets a brief reprieve
4:35 am
tomorrow. but around freezing by monday. new york city, stays in the 40s. but it's a lot breezier and more raw. i'll leave you a look at the beautiful southwest. l.a. going to be 75. not too bad. >> this weather report has been brought to you by serta. i'm going to have to bring you guys to a lake-effect snow band party. >> you're so excited. >> ginger's a little different when she says this is her favorite time of year. >> so true. >> a committed meteorologist. now, to the video that's blowing up online. five nba stars dribbling to the beat of a christmas classic, "the carol of the bells." it's had more than 2.5 million hits in over 2 days. but it took a little movie magic to pull this one off.
4:36 am
[ dribbling ] >> how cool is that? we got some behind-the-scenes footage from the nba. and the players weren't all together. they stood in front of a high-tech screen to shoot their parts. and keeping time was a lot like playing the video game guitar hero. they followed a color-coded monitor, telling them when to bounce the ball and on which side. dan and i do that, as well. we're actually not sitting next to each other. >> the whole broadcast. coming up on "good morning america," fallout from the hollywood brawl. will halle berry's custody battle be helped or hurt by the custody fight between her fiance and ex-boyfriend? and lady gaga getting unexpected visitors for
4:37 am
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halle berry is fiercely protective of her daughter's privacy. even trying and subsequently failing to move her to another
4:41 am
country to get away from paparazzi. but the very public thanksgiving brawl between her ex-boyfriend and her fiance could impact the bitter custody battle over her 4-year-old daughter. and bazi kanani is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. halle berry has been in this public, nasty custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, ever since they split up more than two years ago. and just when it seemed to finally be settled, a dramatic, new incident that could change the outcome. >> are you okay? >> reporter: the latest pictures show halle berry's fiance, olivier martinez, holding x-rays and nursing an injured hand, that still appeared swollen friday morning, when he stopped into a liquor store at 7:00 a.m. its very bitter cross-continental custody battle over her daughter, nahla. >> who started the fight? >> reporter: that may have led to the boek-breaking brawl inside the actress' home on thanksgiving day. police saberry called 911
4:42 am
thursday morning, after a fistfight broke out between martinez, a former boxer, and her ex-boyfriend, french model gabriel aubry, who was there to drop off their 4-year-old daughter for the holiday. both men ended up in the hospital. martinez told police he fought in self-defense. but aubry was more seriously hurt. taken by ambulance to be treated for broken ribs and a possible head injury. >> the fact is, if you shove someone, that doesn't give them license to pummel you back. and that ultimately be what gabriel aubry argues to a judge. >> reporter: aubry is currently the only one facing charges for misdemeanor investigation of battery, after martinez declared a citizen's arrest. but legal analysts say that doesn't hold the same weight, as an arrest initiated by police. >> it may be a he said/he said. while halle berry was a witness, she's not going to be viewed as unbiased. >> reporter: the case could have serious consequences.
4:43 am
just weeks ago, a judge refused berry's request to move to france. a request she made because there's tougher laws against paparazzi there. aubry has argued that the move would unfairly separate him from his daughter. but now -- >> california law is very clear. if a parent engages in an act of domestic violence or some sort of altercation, that can be used against them in denying custody. >> reporter: an actress' real-life drama that's back in the headlines could go back to family court. aubry is scheduled to appear in court december 13th. until then, a restraining order will keep him at least 100 yards away from berry, martinez and his daughter. now, he's only facing a misdemeanor charge. so, he's not likely to go to jail. neither aubry, berry nor martinez has replied to our request for comment. they're not talking about it. but a lot of people are. >> an innocent 4-year-old in the middle of all this. thank you. great to see you. coming up on "good morning
4:44 am
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it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, here, from l.a. it's always nice when you're here. >> alex, welcome to "pop news." >> happy to be here. >> don't hold back. >> i won't. >> tom cruise received a special delivery this thanksgiving, his adorable daughter, suri. it's been three months since the father/daughter duo have been together. cruise has been in production in
4:49 am
london for the sci-fi action flick. the two talk on the phone daily. but according to reports, cruise was superexcited about the visit. katie holmes spent her day off from her run on broadway, in ohio, spending some quality time with her immediate family. >> great watching suri grow up, too. >> she's adorable. we all know that adele is one of the most popular singers out there in the world. you know, with that powerhouse voice of hers. but rumor has it she is also one of the most popular to fall asleep to. a survey by a hotel chain says she tops the charts when it comes to helping people doze off. adele herself, is probably not sleeping all too well these days, with that new baby son of hers at home. >> the girls have gone to sleep. >> wake up. >> it is early. we all seem to love what we do, right? clearly. we have a good time up here. we may not be able to relate to
4:50 am
the next study. but a new study out there says hating as job is as bad for your health as been unemployed. people with a demanding job, nasty bosses or poor job security suffer from things as anxiety and depression, just as much as those out of work. this isn't the first time research has linked being happy at work with poor health. unhappy workers have higher blood pressure, even when they're not at work. >> they're anticipating the next day's work. >> exactly. >> we do. >> we do. >> you can fall asleep right on the set. >> i know. >> and wake right up. some of lady gaga's little monsters got a little too close to the edge of glory on thanksgiving. the pop star is currently on tour in peru. when she woke up for a little midnight snack, she found some uninvited guests. gaga tweeted, thanksgiving story. woke up for leftovers in kitchen, naked.
4:51 am
stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage. gaga added, she should have been mad. but she tried to figure out how to give the intruders a little thanksgiving stuffing. >> they went to the door with it. yeah. that's the story right there, actually, right? >> thank you, rachel. we'll be right back. my thank you, rachel. to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. can help make you a better investor. our e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing.
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and before we leave you on this saturday morning, we want to pull up a video we've been talking about throughout the show. can't get over this. camel running through los angeles. escaped from the circus. came back and worked the next day. have a great day, everyone. what are you doing there?
4:56 am
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